Speech Exercises For Adults With Aphasia | Free Therapy Ideas

Speech Exercises for Adults with Aphasia Speech Exercises for Adults with aphasia are vital for the improvement of speaking.  Many family members and loved ones are looking for free therapy ideas that will help them understand what to do at home.  They know that home is language rich and full of opportunites to speak, 24/7 versus a few times a week in a smal cubicle in an office or out-patient clinic. Speech exercises for adults with aphasia can be practiced at home in all activities of everyday living.  Once caregivers and families understand [...]

Can Apps Help Aphasia Victims as Well as More Intensive Therapy?

Can Apps Help Aphasia Victims? It is readily apparent in most social media that apps, I pads etc are the way to go when it comes to helping one talk.  If you think about a person such as a deaf, blind, and mute individual or someone with aphasia,  you will realize that the cards are stacked against them as far as having any kind of normal life.  Think about a young, spoiled brat who had no way of self-expression other than acting out.  She did not understand the concept of speech or language, until someone  [...]

The Most Important Tool for Speech Recovery After Stroke and Aphasia

  There is not a day that goes by that I don't receive information about speech recovery after stroke.  Often it is a new app, piece of technology, diagnostic big $ machine that is supposed to do the Speech Recovery After Stroke therapy, help the therapist do the therapy, or software that is designed for the patient, and  intended to speed Speech Recovery After Stroke and Aphasia.  The thought is that all the person with aphasia has to do to improve speech is to sit down behind a computer or I Pad or [...]

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How to Improve Speech With Someone With Dysarthria

How to Improve Speech With Someone With Dysarthria I just don't get it sometimes.  Why there are family members and loved ones of those with dysarthria who have no clue about how to improve speech with someone with dysarthria, other than to remind them over and over again, to just "Slow Down." Those with dysarthria and their loved ones are still not realizing what methods really work for improving speech.  It's rather simple, really, and for some reason many are quickly putting on a computer program, or worksheets when in reality these people [...]

How to Help a Stroke Victim Regain Speech Using The Teaching of Talking Method

As a practitioner of speech language pathology and a father of four wonderful children, I've had the opportunity to experience first hand how to help a stroke victim regain speech. This article may dispel some myths about learning to talk, and some of the methods that are currently being used in the United States today to deal withpeople who are not talking or those who have lost that ability. Many of us have experienced first hand how to speak.  We grew up in a home where the language was spoken, and we learned quickly how [...]

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How to Stimulate Speech in Stroke Patients Using the Teaching of Talking Method

Letter from a user of the Teaching of Talking about how to stimulate speech in stroke patients. Dear Diane, I teared as I read your post about Bob, and how you are now using the techniques I wrote about in Teaching of Talking. By golly, you are getting it! And you are correct in the assumption that the beauty in the method is that you don't have to sit down and do an hour of speech therapy with him.  Also I can see that you are using the method intermittently throughout the day whenever the [...]

Speech Therapy for Stroke Patients at Home

An article recently published on our website entitled Predicting Post Stroke Aphasia Recovery was the subject of some creative thinking this morning.  It is a well known fact among serious practitioners of sphasia speech therapy that a person's ability to imitate or repeat sounds, syllables, words, phrases or sentences is likely a prognostic indicator of speaking improvement  It was also mentioned that the amount of spontaneous recovery of speech as one goes through daily stimulation of speech therapy for stroke patients at home was another indicator. Speech Therapy for Stroke Patients at Home Helps People [...]

Dysarthria Speech Therapy Using Teaching Of Talking Reviewed

It is so nice to visit and help other people with their speaking. I wish to share Dysarthria Speech Therapy with my readers some comments that shows what can be done when there is a will and a way. Caregivers can learn to do expert dysarthria speech therapy and I am leading the movement for that with Teaching of Talking. Millions of people who may have felt abandoned by health care programs in their country can now have a chance to improve speaking! Hi There Mark, You are my first post, I'm also [...]

Setting Speech Therapy Goals at Home

In the last few months I have been befriending people from all over the world and sharing with them the methods of The Teaching of Talking, Setting Speech Therapy Goals at Home with Children and Adults. I am posting what Diane Setting Speech Therapy Goals posted on her site a few days ago. She is a powerful woman with great insight and drive, and such a advocate for her husband! I would encourage you to check out her site and enjoy her inspirational and "tell it like it is" candor. The Purpose of [...]

Aphasia Communication Tips for Speaking With a Person With Aphasia

The Teaching of Talking Method, Learn to do Expert Speech and Language Stimulation at Home: Aphasia Communication Tips Octavio Paz won the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature.  He was an interesting gentlemanof Latin persuasion who left his mark on the literary world.  He also left indelible images of ideas in the minds of his readers.  One of them It was like that Aphasia Communication Tips when the idea came to write my book entitled The Teaching of Talking.  This idea brewed in the recesses of my mind for a long time, and first started [...]