Aphasia Speech Therapy Worksheets Can Help

Aphasia Speech Therapy Worksheets

Aphasia Speech Therapy Worksheets

Aphasia Speech Therapy Worksheets

In aphasia speech therapy many believe there may be a certain number of times avocabulary word must be said by the person with moderate to severe aphasia for it to “carry over” into automatic speech. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the number oftimes it is said, but the level of importance of the word to the individual with aphasia. That is why it is critical to select vocabulary that is directly related to the individual, and a word that he or she considers important to say when using¬†Aphasia Speech Therapy Worksheets.

The proper selection of stimulus words may be even more important than one may think during the process of aphasia speech therapy. That is why it is critical to talk and take time to get to know the person with aphasia conversationally and with his or her caregiver. That information may be even more helpful than any program or therapy manual. Caregivers are also wonderful at providing information such as favorite phrases, people, drinks, food, and especially favorite expressions. They are often the words and phrases that come back into automatic speech after initial stimulation in aphasia speech therapy.  Aphasia Speech Therapy Worksheets can help in that regard.

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We have been working around the clock to create new content and educational material that will help caregivers and therapists stimulate speech and language in a fun and conversational way with those who have aphasia, and delayed speech and language development.

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