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Aphasia Speech Therapy:  A BRAND NEW APPROACH TO APHASIA SPEECH THERAPY                                                        

Aphasia Speech Therapy:  A new method for family members, and therapists.  You Can Learn How to Help Your Loved One talk or speak again with a brand new approach that is fun and easy to learn.  The ability to talk is essential human all relationships. We learn, interact, love and work through the use of words.  What happens to the life of an adult who has a stroke, aphasia, or brain injury with speaking difficulties or a child whose speech does not develop properly?    

You can learn how to help your loved one or client speak better.  Caregivers and therapists are learning this fun and easy method!

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  1. Mark Ittleman Says:

    Messge Received Recently from Caregiver who has been learning The Teaching of Talking Method:

    Moshe Mark,
    Just FYI. Statement made by Ronnie just now with an animate facial expression and a hand gesture pointing to our back pasture : “Charlie is out there. I forgot to mention to you. He’s about to move the mulch.”
    He struggled to get the word mulch out and I probably jumped in too soon to help him with it. This is such a change from 1 year ago. The word finding struggles are so much fewer and the spontaneous statements and questions are coming easier every day. He is also more productive at home.
    There are many people to credit with this advance, but you major in this group. We are so thankful that you came into our lives with The Teaching of Talking. And your personal 1 on 2 mentoring.
    Long after we drop other methods of speech therapy, we will be able to continue with the The Teaching of Talking method. It is portable and becomes a life habit. It does not require a computer or apps. It only requires a willing caregiver and a person with aphasia who can understand what is said to him.
    Thank You
    Belinda\Lindy and Ronnie

  2. Liz Says:


    Thank you for being such an incredible mentor. You have changed the lives of many patients and their families through your direct work with them, and also through me, as I use the method you developed “The teaching of Talking” exclusively with many of my patients with aphasia. I just want to recognize you for your incredible generosity to our friends in the “aphasia world!”

    Thank you for inspiring me to listen, communicate and most importantly, be PRESENT!



  3. Opinion Says:

    Because the government has been making national budget cuts, education programs and Medicare funds for rehabilitation in local communities are often left under-funded. Many patients with aphasia and other severe speaking difficulties no longer have access to the speech therapists that they may require for mild to profound speaking difficulties. A person who has aphasia and wants to overcome loss in the ability to talk and communicate may no longer be able to work with a therapist in an outpatient setting due to more stringent restrictions on the number of visits or therapy caps. That is why a new book has been written and released. The author of “The Teaching of Talking, Learn to Do Expert Speech Therapy At Home With Children and Adults” believes that loved ones, and care givers will have to become the people to help people speak at home. “That’s the trend, whether we like it or not.” “It is doable, and we can train these folks! The information to do this is there for many.” Mark A. Ittleman, M.S. an expert speech language pathologist with 40 years experience has said.

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