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Get the benefit of 44 years of experience helping care givers
and speech professionals – quickly learn how to help family members and others
regain their speech, by learning aphasia speech therapy methods right in your own home

You can learn to do expert aphasia speech therapy.

You will  learn professional aphasia speech therapy methods to help others with aphasia speak again or learn to talk.  You can take advantage of 44 years of clinical experience helping families learn to help their loved ones talk again with professional speech therapy methods.

 If you can talk, with the right instructions you can help others, TODAY!
The Teaching of Talking Training Course that will show you exactly what to do in short, video lessons.  Progress through the training at your own pace, and take as long as you want with the lessons.  You will then be able to help your loved one talk with aphasia speech therapy.  You don’t have to be an expert or a professional therapist.

Or let me personally mentor you to make sure that you will learn an easy and fun way to help your loved one talk again.  Live, video conferencing will enable me to help you with specific aphasia speech therapy methods that will take all the guesswork out of what to do.
Insurance and formal speech therapy will never give you the amount of skilled care and time in therapy that will lead to significant improvement for a moderate to profound expressive aphasia.

You can learn expert aphasia speech therapy methods that have been tried and true and use them for as long as you wish.  Aphasia recovery for most will take time and where else would be better to practice speaking than at home with a loved one.

Aphasia Speech Therapy Caregivers and Families
  • Unlimited Therapy

  • Use at Home With Your Family

  • Use When and How You Want

  • No Doctor’s Visits or Fees

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