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Learn Aphasia Speech Therapy (Video Below)

“Get the benefit of my 44 years of experience helping care givers
and speech professionals – quickly learn how to help others
regain their speech, right in their own home.

Hi, I’m Moshe Mark Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP –  welcome to our learning community.
I’ve designed this site to help you – help others learn to speak again.

After you watch this overview video you’ll discover this site is jam packed with resources and helpful hints to help you deal confidently with the communication difficulties of those with aphasia and developmental speech and language delay.


I hope you’ll decide to join our community, all you need to do is sign up for our updates and you’ll know when I add new information to this site, our Facebook site, and our YouTube channel.

I try to add 2-3 things every week.

After 44+ years of – helping people help others, I’ve learned a few key things that dramatically increase your success:

  • Even if you never graduated high school – you can be an incredible speech teacher and helper for the people you love. If you can talk, with the right instructions you can help others, TODAY!
  • Insurance and formal speech therapy will never give you the amount of skilled care and time in therapy that will lead to significant improvement for a moderate to profound expressive aphasia.
  • Repetition of practicing speaking with key important words customized for the individual with aphasia at home, 7 days a week x 365 days a year – is the best treatment option for those with aphasia as long as they can follow simple directions and repeat simple sounds and syllables.  That’s why many people call our program the best “Intensive Aphasia Program” out there.
  • Home is the place we all learned to talk and the stimulation at home on a daily basis lessens the chances of forgetting.
  • The more you stimulate a person’s passions and interests, the more they want to talk and the better progress they make.
  • Having fun and using humor in your speaking practice at home, stimulates the brain and the heart of the person you are trying to help, rather than the tension or boredom that is typical in many formal therapy methods.

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