Here is a little video I made today on the subject of memory and remembering.  The ability to remember words, phrases and sentences is crucial for those with aphasia.  However one has to begin at basic levels when helping someone speak again.  In this video and the one that will be published next week, I will discuss how remembering names has some similar methods to remembering words for those with aphasia.  In these two video blogs, I will give you tips and fundamentals for memory.  I hope you enjoy!  Please share with friends and other Facebook sites where there are people who would greatly benefit from this knowledge.  Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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About Mark Ittleman

Mark Ittleman is a Senior Speech Language Pathologist and serves those with moderate to profound speaking difficulties. He consults with many of the best rehabilitation hospitals and now travels the country with his wife, and lectures at Universities, Hospitals, and Aphasia Organizations. He also consults with people all over the world with speaking difficulties and their families.
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