February 10, 2017



Hello Everybody,
By now you have received word about our Q and A Webinars.  We received many e mails that requested alternative times since there were some people who could not attend our first one last Tuesday, February 7.

 Additional Webinars Offered

Therefore I have created 3 Additional Webinars to fill up our Class of 30 who will be working with me for a year and getting expert mentoring and advice in order to help loved ones, spouses, children, friends and theapists who wish to learn the Teaching of Talking Methods to help those with aphasia and children with delayed speech and language talk better!

 Teaching of Talking Constantly Getting Better

Many of you know that we travel throughout the USA and world lecturing about the Teaching of Talking and helping families learn techiques to help their loved ones talk at home.  I also see many people privately online which enables me to continue refining the method so that it constantly improves, as we work with more families, husbands, wives, caregivers, etc.  Families are learning how to improve speech at home which diminishes depression, and anger while improving relationships and intimacy due to improved talking.

 Probably the only Course I will Do This Year

This may be the only Training Course that I will teach this year, and you will have the opportunity to benefit from my expertise from working in the field for 44 years and specializing in severe to profound speaking difficulties of adults and children.

 Course Half Filled

The course is open to 30 participants.  We have 16 more seats to fill.  We are offering 3 additional Webinars and then we plan to close the doors when the class is full.  If you are truly serious about helping your loved one or client speak better and want me accessible to you for the next year, I would suggest you become a member asap.  I have a number of other fish to fry and making this commitment to you for the next year  is a considerable one.

The Revised Teaching of Talking Video Training Program is Now Available.

Many people in our community have asked when they could get the new program?

If you would like,  join my private training group, and have the chance to work directly with me for a full year.  Go to this page, learn about the offer, and we can get started:




If you are not sure, or would like to ask me some direct questions,

I’m having 3 question and answer webinars over the next few days.

Sat. afternoon Feb 11 at 4:00 EST (your time zone will be on the page)

webinar sign up link:

Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/3035051595948308738

Mon. night Feb 13 at  6:00 EST

link  Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/246961687235950849

Weds night Feb 15 at  8:30 EST

link  Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4038300980668037123


If you are not sure if your loved one, or your patient could use the program …

to dramatically accelerate their progress – you can get my (no cost)

Learning To Speak Again Success Kit.

It will answer your 3 biggest questions:

1. Can my loved one or spouse really get better?

2. How fast can we see results?

3. As a “Care Giver” can I really help my loved ones to, learn to speak again,

in the comfort of your own home?



Sign Up Today:  Class Closes Midnight February 15.

I’m letting 30 people into this “work with me for a full year” special program.

14 have already signed up, that means there are 16 spots still available.

This message is going out to my entire list, then I’ll be posting it to my blog and Facebook page … if you want to take advantage of this offer I suggest you go here now and enroll.


I cannot promise when or if – I’ll ever do a program like this again, so please take advantage of this offer … your results and satisfaction are 100% GUARANTEED!


P.S. I want to make sure you are successful, if you take advantage of this offer, I’ll be there for you, for a full year – whether its a question about speaking, or just for support … I’ll be there.  When the doors close for this class it is doubtful that I will be doing another one.

Going for it in almost all human endeavors results in a high probability of success.

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