Finding the Golden Nugget

June 7, 2012


Mark A. Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP

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June 2012

Finding the Golden Nugget

It is a real treat to know an expert. An expert quite often is someone who has a totally committed mind to an endeavor and somehow, along the way develops an uncanny sense of knowing what to do to accomplish magical things in their field of endeavor. Commitment and dedication are what helps develop that extra sense of knowing what to do to solve a problem or finding where to go for help.

You know the experts who are way out ahead of the pack in whatever area of discipline they are committed to. Some of the names of remarkable people who have developed this sense were Mozart, Beethoven, Edison, Ford, Lindbergh, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and thousands of unsung heroes who have made unbelievable contributions to millions of people on the planet. These are the people who have developed a sixth sense.

In every discipline there is some mediocrity, lack of care and commitment. We all know when it is present but for some reason accept it because there does not seem to be any other choice. The thought here is that when you have a real problem, make sure you find the real experts. Often they can save you hours and hours of time and expense by being able to identify the problem and find a totally workable solution.

There are those who are not improving in terms of their speech or those not receiving any professional advice or care. They often feel abandoned, and after a while, give up on the idea of getting better. Please don’t let that happen
The true expert can often pinpoint the problem, and offer a solution that makes sense. The path then becomes clear. Often the solution is relatively simple and a caregiver can learn what to do to help their loved one.

Case in Point:
Steve was speaking with such a profound slur that it was extremely difficult to understand him. His caregivers were shown two simple ways to help get clarity in speaking and now a transformation is occurring. Since Steven wants to be able to speak and be understood, he and his caregivers apply the “I’ll Tell You About Me and You Tell Me About You Method” as well as the “Make Every Word Count Method.” He will not need long-term treatment, because two simple changes can be made and reinforced by his caregivers at home, and Steven can return to functional speech with clarity.
He is now able to express himself to others and that will continue to improve with every daily attention and commitment. By doing so the new speaking habit can become entrenched deeply into his brain so that it will eventually become automatic. In fact his sense of humor is emerging again and he is causing people to laugh; not at him, but with him. He’s actually a pretty funny guy and I love being around people with a sense of humor. That ability had been absent immediately following his stroke when he was unable to utter speech. It is now emerging now that he knows what must be done to achieve speech that others readily understand.

Speech therapy does not have to be sitting down and going over countless drills that seem like they have no direct influence on speaking. Often there are a few modifications that can be learned by a person who has difficulty speaking and can be reinforced by the caregiver at home. One or two simple changes can often contribute to a profound difference in speaking clarity.

This power is available to all of us, and it is obtained by total commitment. Total commitment that comes from never giving up and giving what is needed your complete and undivided attention. Find a true expert and move forward with your intention of  improved speaking and communication.

Respectfully yours,


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June 2012

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