Aphasia Speech Therapy: Brain Strengthening You Can Learn



Here is your Teaching of Talking Tip #32

Aphasia Speech Therapy:  Brain Strengthening

Teaching of Talking Tip #32

There are many things that we can do to keep our brains and cognitive skills strong. The lessons that current research gives us may also apply to those with aphasia, brain injury, and neurological diseases.

Keeping The Brain Strong for Cognition and Speaking

One of the first Concepts to keep our Cognition, and brain performance strong is SOCIALIZATION. That means that those who regularly engage in communication with others have less liklihood for dementia and cognitive decline.

What diminishes stress, depression and cognitive decline

Studies show that those who regularly engage and socialize/interact with others have improved health, brain growth, even in advancing age and lower chances of stress and depression. Likewishe reduced socialization with others contributes to mortality (death) and cognitive decline.

The Teaching of Talking Method is an approach for Brain Strengthening

The Teaching of Talking helps family members and friends learn how to engage those with aphasia and people with delayed speech and language to get better talking in order to improve health, brain growth, less stress, and depression.

People think “speech therapy” only improves speaking.

NOT! There is so much more that occurs when you are stimulating speaking and communicating at home, rather than not knowing what you can really do to improve the life, emotions, longevity and return of speaking.

For more information how you can learn the Teaching of Talking Method, whether spouse, caregiver, family member, parent, or therapist go here:

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Moshe Mark Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SlP
The Teaching of Talking Method is a fun and useful tool 
to help people improve the ability to talk. 
It is used at home, and by professionals and caregivers
world-wide.  Providing help to those with speaking difficulties; Consulting withSchools, Universities, and private families.



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Aphasia Speech Therapy: Brain Strengthening You Can Learn

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