1 Your Invitation Teaching of Talking Webinar


Subj:  Your Invitation, Teaching of Talking

I would like to personally invite you to the Teaching of Talking

Fabulous and Fun “Question and Answer Webinar.”

It is for those who would like to GREATLY ACCELERATE PROGRESS

WITH SPEAKING.  for (Adults, Children and even Therapists!)

It is also for those who are possibly looking for A METHOD THAT IS NEW, FASTER and more FUN.  A way to address speaking difficulties that are the result of aphasia, trauma, or delayed speech and language.

It will be Tuesday Feb. 7th, 2017.

Click this link to register and that will take you

to a sign up page for the webinar.     https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/8132301739992087297

Seats are limited,

PLEASE secure your seat ASAP


Cost:  There is no cost-this is a free event, to help our community.

When:  Tuesday February 7th 2017

Times:  1 pm Pacific

2 pm Central

3 pm Mountain

4 pm Eastern

This is an online event, you can watch from your computer, smart phone or even call in with your phone.  There will also be a very special surprise for those on the call.

Q:  How Long Is It?  I plan at least 90 minutes to answer your most pressing questions.

Q:  How do I get my seat?

CLICK on this link and fill in your contact information, then you will receive your information

Link:    https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/8132301739992087297


Please secure your seat ASAP and remember you will receive a surprise by attending.

Those who attend should have a copy of the Speak Again Success Kit (no charge) that will be of great value and help you realize:

1.  Will my client or loved one do well with this method?

2.  How fast can he/she improve?

3.  Can I as a caregiver really learn how to help him/her speak again?

The success Kit is located at:  http://www.teachingoftalking.com/success/lp1.html


To Review:

  1. CLICK on this link to sign up for the webinar:
  2. CLICK HERE  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/8132301739992087297
  3. Click on the link above and simply put in your name and e mail.  Then click on the blue link that will be inside an e mail that we will send to you.

3.  To get your Talk Again Success  Kit CLICK HERE:   http://www.teachingoftalking.com/success/lp1.html

You will need to sign up for the kit also esp. since there is a

  • Mini Screening Test in the kit that will help you determine if your loved one would do well with the Teaching of Talking System.
  • It also includes a case study of a person who went from no intelligible talking to speaking in 9 months.
  • It also includes a video and manuscript of a wife/caregiver who has been using The Teaching of Talking Systems for 2 years and her husband is now independently talking.
  • He was stuck doing speech sound practice and naming words for about 2 years before she started using The Teaching of Talking.
  • Now he is essentially speaking independently in phrases and sentences in social groups, sports activities, peers and family.
  • Watch and listen to what Deb has learned to do as a loving wife.  (She talks with her husband now while improving his speech at the same time, and he does not mind at all.  In fact….It’s FUN!)

Your online Webinar and Success Kit are



Mark A. Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP

Senior Speech Language Pathologist

International Best Selling Author

Teaching of Talking Book/Systems

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