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What Care Givers And Speech Professionals Have To Say
About Mark And The Teaching Of Talking Method.


  • The Video Post above was from dear friends with whom I worked for many months in aphasia speech therapy;  a mild case.  They became like family and the total therapy experience was so mutually beneficial!  -Moshe Mark-
  • Good morning Mark!I received your video course yesterday.  I am looking forward to viewing it and even honing my skills!   I also believe many caregivers out there like me are desperate to help their loved one in any way they can and this will give them the tools. I will be forever grateful that you were willing to take this on. It will change lives. Not only are you a great mentor-coach but also a friend.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Deb
  • “After our daughter’s stroke and two month coma, she woke up an infant. After about four years of traditional speech therapy we found Mark’s book on a Stroke Support website. It totaly change our way of working with our daughter. We contacted him and he has been doing sessions with her online ever since. Since starting with Mark, she is now able to actually speak her thoughts and have conversations with people. She is improving very rapidly. I know this would not have happened as rapidly as it did without Mark’s guidance. Everyone in speech therapy, and all relatives of people with speech issues should read his book! He’s like family to us now!
  • Mark is responsible for me speaking again.  M.P.
  • What an amazing human being!  He’s very caring, funny, responsible, patient, compassionate, understands the needs of his patients, wouldn’t quit. He works so hard to accomplish one goal, and that’s to help the person talk again.  But best of all, he’s a friend.  A wonderful speech therapist, but an incredible friend for believing in me.  Thank you, Mark.  M.G.
  • Mark Ittleman has been taking care of my son, who had severe speech problems after a stroke.  With Mark’s therapy he has made remarkable progress and has learned to communicate reasonably well.  I am grateful for Mark’s accomplishments and his success with my son.  I especially like and appreciate Mark’s humor and cheerfulness and rapport he established. E.L.
  • Mark provided excellent diagnosis and guidance as I worked through my swallowing issues.  Mark is easy to talk to and is approachable and supportive.  J.F.
  • Dearest “Mark,” A token of our appreciation of everything you have done for our mother, Great #1 “Therapist!  We are so blessed to have you!  Today is “one” year from the time of our Mom’s heart attack and stroke!  She has come a long way from no speaking to talking!  You’re the best. D,C, T and S    xoxoxoxoxo  
  • Mark’s compassionate response to my husband was wonderful.  His patience in teaching Bill to embrace language again has made a huge difference.  Mark’s understanding of the need to utilize everyday actions and activities in developing Bill’s speech abilities was a blessing from God.  Because Bill could utilize the lessons immediately he worked harder and looked forward to each session. 
  • Of all the therapies Bill has experienced in five years at ——-this has been one of  the best due in large measure to Mark’s caring, respectful, engaging nature.  CW
  • Mark is always positive and understanding.  He is innovative in his approach to treatment.  He truly understands my needs and through his vast experience has challenged me to continue.  I look forward to my therapy sessions as they are both challenging and supportive.
  • Mark has been an inspiration to me.     MD
  • “His technique (Be in Conversation) and professional skills are outstanding.  He has made my wife’s recovery from a stroke a family project and we thank him sincerely.”  Anon.

Speech Pathologist’s Report – After Seeing the Teaching of Talking Method

Report 1:

Speech pathologists and caregivers are realizing that stimulating speech and language is easy to learn and is not rocket science. Once realized, caregivers and speech language pathologists become ignited to stimulate language any time, or anywhere with adults or children.

Report 2

More and more speech language pathologists are realizing their true calling.
And that is to help their client learn to speak again. Speech Pathologists who are learning the Teaching of Talking Method are learning how to engage the caregiver and family in the process of stimulating speech and language in an easy and fun way.

Report 3

Speech and language pathologists have been to seminar after seminar to find out about how to stimulate speech and language only to be disappointed by instructors who end up reading to them, or who r eally do not have a functional grasp of the techniques.

Mark A. Ittleman, a speech language pathologist for over 40 years developed this method and engages speech language pathologists in seminars. Students love to work with Mark, both therapists and people with speaking difficulties due to his engaging nature and ability to challenge learners to learn this method which will change the landscape in how speech and language stimulation is being done in American and around the world.

Report 4

It really doesn’t matter if a person who has a mild to profound speaking difficulty is a child or adult.
Either way a speech language pathologist must somehow get them talking. The Teaching of Talking Method teaches the speech pathologist, caregiver, parent or significant other how to enter the world of the person with the speaking difficulty in a way that is natural and fun.

It is an inquiry; a series of questions that also draws out expressive language. Those with aphasia, and children who have not developed expressive language both benefit from the Teaching of Talking method.

Speech Pathologists are really excited because they see the simplicity in stimulating speech and language in a natural way without grids, percentages, homework sheets, and materials that only distract them from the communicative interaction and the deep relationship that is possible.

Speech Pathologists\' Report #4 YouTube play