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“YES, Mark — I want to discover your approaches to the Stimulation of Speech and Language through teleconference for
The Teaching of Talking Method and Book!



Please enroll me in your Teleconference, The Teaching of Talking which begins in July and includes:

Five Weekly Training Sessions with Mark by telephone.  You will be guided through the book The Teaching of Talking and Mark will help you highlight key points that you will need to learn in order to be successful with the stimulation of language.   

Mark will review the 5 Critical Areas essential for your success stimulating speech and language.  

Learn why this would be the perfect time to begin learning speech and language stimulation methods due to changes in insurance and Medicare delivery.

By signing up for this teleconference you are entitled to a free one on one call with Mark to discuss any concerns you may have.  

By joining us on the teleconference call for Teaching of Talking you will be aligning yourself with others who are interested in a new way of stimulating speech and language that works!