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Aphasia Group UK Comments Teaching of Talking Method

Here is a comment from our friends in the UK about The Teaching of Talking Lecture and demonstration we gave in Brighton.  It was such fun to share information with them!  Please click on the link below. http://teachingoftalking.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/SayAphasia-news-December-2017-no-2_extract-copy.pdf

Video Aphasia Speech Therapy Helping Them Talk

Video Aphasia Speech Therapy Teaching Caregivers and Families   We visited the Houston Stroke Warriors recently and shared a few of the principles of The Teaching of Talking, and gave demonstrations of how to help people speak again without ipads, handout sheets, singing, etc. This video speech therapy for aphasia is about 12 minutes and is intended for spouses, family members and therapists.   Video Aphasia Speech Therapy You Can Learn as Family Member or Therapist   Just about anyone can learn this method and we show you how;  go here. [...]

Free Aphasia Speech Therapy Materials | Video For You

http://youtu.be/G-Mwhn8O5qs Here is an opportunity for you to receive free aphasia speech therapy materials | video for you.  Sometimes we can get into a rut, and avoid trying something new; applies to foods, relationships, doctors, therapists and therapy techniques. Here is some advice and you will typically find that whenever you try something new, a gift occurs. Trying something new make you a more interesting person with more choices in what you do and what you can achieve. You will greatly benefit from learning anything that is new, especially The Teaching of Talking which [...]

Get Winning Results in Speech Therapy

How to Get Winning Results in Speech Therapy. I'm going to confess to you, so please no one pass it around, that I am NOT a football fan.  Shhh...Don't get me wrong, I love watching football, but it was never that high on my priority list, so rarely would I ever be home on a Saturday or Sunday watching football games. There always seemed to be other things that were more important.  I have written this article for patients and clients, caregivers and parents and the  new generation of speech language pathologists who are emerging [...]

Global Aphasia Speech Therapy Treatment, with the Teaching of Talking Method

Global Aphasia Speech Therapy Treatment MY Wife Malka and I are in London to teach others The Teaching of Talking Method.  Yesterday we met with one of the gentlemen who helped make this trip possible. His brother had a stroke and had great difficulty finding a speech language pathologist who spoke Yiddish.  It is a language that is combination of German and Hebrew.  In todays culture, only the very ultra-religious speak it as their native language.  Therefore there are two challenges for me as a speech language pathologist.  Learning and utilizing this language to help others. London [...]

Aphasia Speech Pathology Treatment

As many of you know we are traveling around the country sharing The Teaching of Talking, giving lectures and visiting with people who are interested in learning how to stimulate speech and language with their loved ones who need Aphasia Speech Pathology Treatment at home or those with developmental speech and language disabilities. Today I visited with a couple outside of Phoenix. His wife had a stroke and and w Aphasia Speech Pathology Treatment as interested in learning about how to stimulate speech and language at home for aphasia speech therapy. We visited [...]

Best Speech Therapy for Aphasia | Activities, Videos, Worksheets

Best Speech Therapy for Aphasia, When You Hit a Plateau Best Speech Therapy for Aphasia "Will my future be my past?" Best Speech Therapy for Aphasia may take time:  Many Caregivers and those with Aphasia Are Quitting too soon! I read FaceBook websites and advise people who have aphasia.  Subsequently they report therapists who are telling the family they plateau, which is an expression that is often used when the insurance runs out, or the institution is concerned the insurance provider will refuse to reimburse them for further aphasia speech therapy.  In addition it can also [...]

Aphasia Speech and Language Therapy Materials, Activities, Videos

Recently I wrote a post about those who give up. This is a follow-up post.   It is a pleasure to work with caregivers and those with aphasia.  I work with many who truly succeed at improved talking, and therefore this blog is about them. Aphasia Speech and Language Therapy Materials are available if you need them. Aphasia Speech Therapy Caregivers Success:  Why? Aphasia Speech and Language Therapy Materials Mate and person with aphasia are totally dedicated to improvement. Family member realizes no one else will care as much. They wants results. Mate seeks out [...]

Aphasia Speech Therapy Software, The Solution for Better Talking?

 DON'T BE UNHAPPY, BORED OR DISCOURAGED Aphasia Speech Therapy Software As a beginning speech language pathologist I was very unhappy, uncomfortable, and frustrated with the Aphasia Speech Therapy Software for those with aphasia.   Equally important: Do you as a caregiver or therapist have the same feelings? YOU CAN PUT ALL THE "STUFF" AWAY Subsequently I don't care for impersonal flash cards, hand out sheets or high tech devices. They really do NOT get the people I see talking and interacting.  In addition, seminars are often about cognitive and other confining therapy methods.   Consequently [...]

Aphasia Speech Therapy Goals | Activities, Worksheets, Materials

Aphasia Speech Therapy Goals Are Achievable Friends... I want your opinion I have some exciting news for YOU... After months of work we have re-vised the teaching of talking web site ... And there's more resources for YOU to use to help your loved ones learn to speak again. How to Reach Aphasia Speech Therapy Goals It’s all about helping anyone with aphasia or severe-profound speech and language difficulties succeed with their speaking goals. Repetition of practicing speaking with key important words customized for the individual with aphasia at home, 7 days a week x 365 days [...]