Advice for Dysarthria and Aphasia: Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas and his wife: "Get off your butt and go work with you speech therapist." Stroke Aphasia Dysarthria Advice Kirk Douglas (101 years old) Stroke Aphasia Dysarthria Advice Kirk Douglas Many of us grew up watching movies with Kirk and Michael Douglas.  Screen icons. Kirk Douglas had a stroke in 1996.  That was 22 years ago!  It opened up a new window of opportunity.                                                                                           . Stroke Aphasia Dysarthria Advice Kirk Douglas He wrote about the personal experience of stroke and the rehabilitation that was required after it.  He imparts a great [...]

Does the Speech Therapist fix Aphasia Speech with Therapy?

There's no quick fix for aphasia speech therapy. Does the speech language pathologist have the time to really fix a severe speaking difficulty caused by aphasia?  An interesting course from fellow expert in the field of speech language pathology, Dr. Audrey Holland.   She is frequently called upon to address aphasia groups, and speech language pathologists.  This is what she said: "We are still “shaking off” our history, (as speech language pathologists) with its focus on impairment & wishfully thinking we have enough time to fix the speech impairment.” (aphasia) "WE DON'T!" Even if [...]

Aphasia Speech Therapy: Better Speaking: Teaching of Talking

   The author of Teaching of Talking: Learn to do Expert Speech and Language Stimulation at Home with Children and adults. Aphasia Speech Therapy: Better SpeakingbyMoshe Mark Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLPHello Friends,We have been pretty busy this holiday season and am sure you know what I'm talking about! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with lots of good things to eat, and family to visit and reconnect with.​This message is about caregiver training in the speech and language therapy process. Many of you know I have been beating the drum about this subject for a [...]

Do Oral Motor Exercises Improve Speech in Aphasia-Dysarthria?

   Do Oral Motor Exercises Improve Speech in Dysarthria-Aphasia?byMark A. Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLPSpeech Language Pathologist Author:  Teaching of TalkingI've never placed much credence in oral motor exercises, esp. the non-speech variety.  I used to watch patients who could hardly speak spend the majority of their therapy time on exercises that did not involve the process of speaking.  Patients would be blowing bubbles, blowing through a straw, licking peanut-butter off a spoon, or licking it off the upper lips etc.  The efficacy of these exercises to me were questionable esp. when no simultaneous speaking was being practiced.  "Why [...]