The Most Important Tool for Speech Recovery After Stroke and Aphasia

//The Most Important Tool for Speech Recovery After Stroke and Aphasia

The Most Important Tool for Speech Recovery After Stroke and Aphasia


There is not a day that goes by that I don’t receive information about speech recovery after stroke.  Often it is a new app, piece of technology, diagnostic big $ machine that is supposed to do the

Speech Recovery After Stroke

Speech Recovery After Stroke

therapy, help the therapist do the therapy, or software that is designed for the patient, and  intended to speed Speech Recovery After Stroke and Aphasia.  The thought is that all the person with aphasia has to do to improve speech is to sit down behind a computer or I Pad or do the therapy exercises out of a manual or book.

Then there are the “intensive” programs sponsored by Universities and colleges where people with aphasia and their caregivers go for 1-4 weeks and may work with supervised students and college researchers/instructors.  There are also private intensive programs that often have minimal family or caregiver training.  Is this the answer for those looking for the “latest and greatest?”

What’s the Best Way to Help Speech Recovery After Stroke and Aphasia

So what is the best therapy machine, app, program, or “Method?”  Does all the technology, intensive programs, apps, software, etc. really make a significant difference in speaking improvement?

You could go to the best medical clinic in the world for a surgical procedure, but in the end it will be the skill and method of the surgeon and his or her team on any given day and time.

So then, what key factor makes the MOST difference in one’s speech and language recovery?

The very best tool is the training and expertise of the treating therapist.  The very best outcomes are directly related to the training and how the therapist delivers the therapy and whether he or she takes the time to assure that training is passed on to the caregiver, loved one, or parent of the person with the speaking difficulty.

Speech Recovery After Stroke and Aphasia is Best Done by Family

For most people seeking speaking improvement, the therapist is the most import tool.  But that can’t go on forever, and eventually the most important tool will have to be You the person with the speaking difficulty and your caregiver and loved ones who have been trained in methods that are truly helpful.

Should you be interested in taking the Do It Yourself Home Study Teaching of Talking Training Course you can get started right away by clicking  the icon on the side of the page or here which will lead you to the information about how you can learn aphasia speech therapy methods.  It is the result of my full time, eye to eye contact in the therapy rooms for over 40 years with people who have aphasia and improving speaking and training loved ones.

Or you may inquire how to get live, personal mentoring with me in live video conferencing where I show you what to do, watch you do it, and work with you until you can stimulate speech and language like an expert!

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