Things You Can Do To Improve Speech Rehabilitation

//Things You Can Do To Improve Speech Rehabilitation

Things You Can Do To Improve Speech Rehabilitation

Set up so that the PCD sits directly across from you, the SM, at approximately

Things You Can Do To Improve Speech Rehabilitation

We must talk to people in order to improve speaking.

three to five feet (a little bit farther away than where you would sit if you were
looking in a mirror). Remember, when you are sitting across from the PCD,
it is as if you are looking at yourself in the mirror. Make sure you are looking
directly into the eyes of the PCD and that they are, likewise, looking into yours.

By maintaining eye contact with one another, you can be relatively assured that
you will have the full attention of the PCD. !is is the connection that must be
established at the start of !e Teaching of Talking.

Not long ago, I was working with a gentleman in a wheelchair. His chair was
not in direct relation to me and must have been off by about 20 degrees. As I was
working with him, he was not looking directly into my eyes. For some reason, I
became uncomfortable. I soon realized that we were not lined up eye-to-eye and
nose-to-nose, creating a feeling of disconnection between us. When I moved his
chair 20 degrees to the right, I immediately felt the connection established.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of lining up eye-to-eye and
nose-to-nose, as if you were looking into a full-length mirror. You will notice an
improved connection and an ability to work more readily with one another.

Mark Ittleman- from Joe and Karen Boone (patient)- Mark is a wonderful speech therapist. He helped my husband come a long way in his speech. I can’t not ask for a more fine person to help him try to speak again. He took the time to teach him while Joe enjoyed his treatment. I and Joe will miss him very much. Thank you very much for all of your help to Joe


Ronnie enjoys working with Mark and The Teaching

of Talking Method. It is not so much hard work as it is

like chatting with a friend. I have been reading the

book and am anxious to get to view the video

course. Ronnie was able to go into the drugstore

today and ask for his perscription and was able to

give the pharmacy tech the necessary information.

Some of the speech therapists that

have worked with Ronnie did not want anyone else in

the room when they worked with Ronnie, Mark

actually wants me to be in the room and learn as much as I can, to

continue his speech therapy, throughout every day

with The Teaching of Talking Method.

Lindy Cribbs

Aphasia Speech Therapy without Fear

Speech and language stimulation should be like dancing with a good partner

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