Speech Therapy Methods Used To Help Stroke Patients

//Speech Therapy Methods Used To Help Stroke Patients

Speech Therapy Methods Used To Help Stroke Patients

Calibration is the ability to judge by observation, specifically for repeatedStart stimulating speech right away for those with aphasia or children who may have difficulty talking.
behaviors. In this conversation, it is a form of measurement to determine the
PCD’s standard nonverbal responses to “yes” and “no.”

If you want to calibrate a physical Yes/No response, you might ask
someone ten questions to which you know the answers are unmistakably “yes”,
such as:
􀁴􀀁 Is it morning?
􀁴􀀁 Is it Monday?
􀁴􀀁 Are you married?
􀁴􀀁 Do you live in a house?
􀁴􀀁 Are you a man?

While you are asking these questions, observe the PCD’s facial
and bodily responses to the “yes” questions. You should find that the
person who is being asked the questions will display a consistent bodily
response for “yes.” It might be a nodding of the head, closing of the
eyes, other movements, or gestures that will be consistent. (As an aside,

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Stimulation of Single-Word Speaking | 37

I suggest practicing this with normal-speaking persons before you
attempt it on someone who has a speaking difficulty.)

Testimonials from Supervisors

To whom it may concern:

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mr. Mark Ittleman for almost two years as his manager at an outpatient rehabilitation facility. He demonstrates a tremendous interest and passion for the field of speech and language pathology and works towards the best interests of his patients.

I had the opportunity to speak with several patients and family members who interacted and worked with Mr. Ittleman and all were most complimentary about his treatment style and his emphasis on getting them back into conversation. Patients have conveyed to me that Mr. Ittleman understands what is most meaningful to patients who have lost the ability to communicate with their family and peers day in and day out. He works with them to get them back using both conversation and the technology that they were used to working with in their lives.

It is for this reason that I would recommend Mr. Ittleman for any position in which he can serve the population he is passionate about. His direct patient care is an asset to the profession.


Testimonials from New Speech Pathologists


Thank you for making my transition into this Rehabilitation Agency so wonderful! I really appreciate all your support and time- especially to answer my randomly timed questions. You have made such a positive impact on the way I practice!

Thank You!!

Speech Therapy Self Analysis Form

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