Love is Two People Talking

Love is Two People Talking

The Teaching of Talking- by Mark Ittleman



Have you ever realized just how important talking is?  It is one of the foundation blocks of human existence.  The ability to speak and interact is necessary for social development with others.  Children and adults with speaking difficulties often have challenges socializing and interacting with those in their world.  

We must talk with others to learn, share, request, and explain.  Talking helps us meet new people, and develop relationships.  It is a way we express thanks; and convey our deepest thoughts and fears.   Talking gives us a way to to express our admiration and love for another human being.  

The Teaching of Talking book, written by Mark A. Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP,  helps speech language pathologists, family members and caregivers stimulate speech and language with children and adults with speaking difficulties.

Parents, family members or caregivers are often at a loss about what to do at home to help them, esp. if speech therapy insurance “caps” have been reached, insurance does not cover therapy, or if an individual has limited access to clinical services.

Find out more by visiting and learning about this approach to helping people talk. is offering a special sale on the audiobook at  You can receive a special, autographed print edition with a procedure “cheat sheet” at Teaching of










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