Helping Your Partner With Speech Theraopy

//Helping Your Partner With Speech Theraopy

Helping Your Partner With Speech Theraopy

The stimulation of language can be accomplished in many ways.

Teaching of Talking, is about using simple words to share your thoughts with others

Expressive Aphasia

!e method I usually use is the Questioning Method. With severe to
profound speech and language difficulty, it is often beneficial to start
stimulation at the individual’s expressive speech and language level. If the
person is not speaking with any degree of clarity and cannot be understood
due to an inability to initiate speech, it would be wise to start at the Single-
Word Level, which will enable you and the PCD to get comfortable and
coordinated as a team. !e person who is stimulating the speech and language
is the SM, and the person with the communication difficulty is the PCD. !e
SM and PCD become partners in communication. !e PCD becomes a mirror
of the SM. When stimulating the PCD, the SM must be able to set it up in
such a way that the PCD’s mouth, tongue, lips, and palate will move at the
same time as the SM’s. !ey move in unison. !e reason for starting at the
Single-Word Level is to have the SM and PCD learn to coordinate the steps of
speaking, very much like coordinating a dance step. !e two people must start
simply, in harmony and synchronicity with one another.

Mark’s compassionate response to my husband was wonderful. His patience in teaching Bill to embrace language again has made a huge difference. Mark’s understanding of the need to utilize everyday actions and activities in developing Bill’s speech abilities was a blessing from God. Because Bill could utilize the lessons immediately he worked harder and looked forward to each session.

Of all the therapies Bill has experienced in five years at ——-this has been one of the best due in large measure to Mark’s caring, respectful, engaging nature. CW

Mark is always positive and understanding. He is innovative in his approach to treatment. He truly understands my needs and through his vast experience has challenged me to continue. I look forward to my therapy sessions as they are both challenging and supportive.

Mark has been an inspiration to me. MD

“His technique (Be in Conversation) and professional skills are outstanding. He has made my wife’s recovery from a stroke a family project and we thank him sincerely.” Anon.

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