Teaching of Talking Audio Book Released by Audible.com, Amazon.com, and I Tunes!

108-162-totAudible.com, an amazon company released The Teaching of Talking:  Learn to Do Expert Speech and Language Stimulation at Home with Children and Adults on August 19, 2013.  The Teaching of Talking is also featured in paperback edition on Amazon.com and available in autographed copy on our website at teachingoftalking.com .

The author of Teaching of Talking, Mark A. Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP is a speech language pathologist with over 40 years of clinical experience working with children who are non verbal due to developmental delay and adults with aphasia, traumatic brain injury and various neurological diseases that affect the comprehension and expression of speech and language.  Mark has extensive experience with severe speech and language loss, and wrote the Teaching of Talking to help the consumer realize that for many, insurance and rehabilitative services will likely be discontinued way before the speaking problem is significantly improved.   The author believes that the speech language pathologist must teach the loved one or caregiver methods that can easily be included into the daily routine of the person with the speaking difficulty.  Since speech and language are first learned in the home, it should, likewise, be taught there.  The Teaching of Talking is for caregivers and speech language pathologists.  The recorded audio edition of Teaching of Talking will be helpful for those who would rather listen while riding in the car, exercising, walking, or while reading simultaneously with the paperback edition (autographed edition) that can be ordered through http://teachingoftalking.com/pre-order-the-teaching/

We know you will find a brand new way of stimulating speech and language with the Teaching of Talking Method, and I hope you will contact me should you have any questions or concerns.



About Mark Ittleman

Mark Ittleman is a Senior Speech Language Pathologist and serves those with moderate to profound speaking difficulties. He consults with many of the best rehabilitation hospitals and now travels the country with his wife, and lectures at Universities, Hospitals, and Aphasia Organizations. He also consults with people all over the world with speaking difficulties and their families.
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