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Aphasia Speech Therapy: Get Faster Results

 Aphasia Speech Therapy

is like an Avocado.

Aphasia Speech Therapy like an Avocado? 

 Making sure 

Aphasia Speech Therapy

Aphasia Speech Therapy

When purchasing avocados I always check to make sure they are dark and near ripe.    Subsequently, that’s how I know the avocado is near ready to eat. 

For me, avocados are better that way. 

In fact, you don’t have to wait very long until you can easily cut, slice, or mash it.

This morning as I was getting ready to cut the avocado and while squeezing it, I noticed it was still hard! 

“That can’t be,” I thought; It was purchased over a week ago!”  “It should be

I prepared it for my breakfast anyway.  

Was it as good and delicious as usual?  

Unfortunately NOT!  (Nothing worse than hard avocado!)

I thought how uncanny it was that it was not ripe yet!

But then the thought flashed through my mind:  “hmmmmm avocados are like aphasia speech therapy…

Then How is an avocado like aphasia speech therapy?

Simple:  You go to aphasia speech therapy and believe that you will get superb and delicious results.

You’ll go to the therapist, enter the office and he or she will do their magic in there, and you will come out of the therapy room, go home, and do more talking!

Or, you’ll go for a number of sessions and after a few weeks or a month, you will be back to normal……


In the final analysis, aphasia speech therapy is a lengthy but rewarding process.

Just because you practice saying words, does not mean they will automatically show up in conversational speech.

The same conclusion occurs with phrase or sentence repetition.

You don’t just start automatically talking after saying various words, phrases or sentences.

It takes numerous attempts to say the word in many different contexts.

Let’s say you wanted a person with aphasia to say “Avocado.”  Moreover you bring it out of the refrigerator for breakfast, and show it to the person with aphasia  and say: 

Hmm…are you having Avocado? or you say during preparation:  “Do you want your sliced or mashed avocado?  Similarly you say, “Do you want me to slice the AVOCADO?  


And you have them say the word avocado in reply to every question you ask about it, making sure that you use the word AVOCADO in your question. In addition, each morning you ask 5 or 6 questions about the AVOCADO and maker sure the word is said at either the single  word level or whatever sentence length you are working on.  


Thus the question:  So when will it be ripe?  

(Or how long does it take before you start seeing and hearing automatic speech with aphasia speech therapy?)

Additionally, how long does it take for speech to return, or recover? 

The answer is: I Don’t Know!  

In fact, No one knows!

It’s like how long will it take to get over a cold?  

When it’s time!

In conclusion many caregivers or therapists with wishful thinking believe  carry over of aphasia speech therapy  for those with aphasia will be quick.   (Just like the length of time it takes for an avocado to ripen, or to get over a cold!)  

But the real truth is………….. No one knows!

Henceforth what’s the Important Take Away to the question:  How long will it take until I get my speech back?

It’s simple…..It’s like waiting for a pot to boil…