The Teaching of Talking: A Way to Help Others Speak

The Teaching of Talkiing; book for sale on Amazon

The Teaching of Talkiing; book for sale on Amazon

What it is, and what its not..

It’s a way to talk with others to help them speak.

(It’s not an app, or a workbook….)

It’s not an app……It’s not a workbook.  It’s a way to engage a person who has difficulty talking into a conversation.  A conversation that has meaning.  It’s a way to help someone speak, whether child or adult.

The Teaching of Talking Method is also being used by therapists and parents as a way to help children and adults who have dysarthria, stuttering, voice difficulties and other types of speaking difficulties.  It is a way to pull a therapist, teacher  or caregiver away from programmed instruction where the “exercise is paramount” to a way of talking and interacting.  That is how speech and language are learned.  Through an interaction, a dialogue, a sharing of information, or a need to be expressed and be satisfied.  Remember that speech and language is learned.  It is acquired by being exposed to a language in an environment where language is spoken, or modeled.  It is a way we learn.  We watch, and listen while we observe people in the environment and then model them.                                                           

Children learn to express specific vocabulary by listening and interacting with parents and peers.  I remember coming home from school one day where I heard my best friend say a specific expression that I thought was cool.  I did not know its meaning but proudly blurted it out.  I was punished for saying it.. I modeled what someone else repeatedly said to me.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Everything we do is modeled.  We learn by interacting with a person who knows how to do something we don’t and soon we are doing it like them.  That is how speaking is learned, but for most of us it is a natural occurrence that goes on without our conscious knowledge.  We just learn it; no one has to teach us how to do it.

People with speaking difficulties need a model, a person to speak with in order to learn or relearn the basics of speech and language.  It is critical for speech and language learning to take place.  It involves talking and stimulating speech and language with another person.

Doesn’t it make sense that talking with another person is a way to improve the ability to speak?  The Teaching of Talking Method will show you how.

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About Mark Ittleman

Mark Ittleman is a Senior Speech Language Pathologist and serves those with moderate to profound speaking difficulties. He consults with many of the best rehabilitation hospitals and now travels the country with his wife, and lectures at Universities, Hospitals, and Aphasia Organizations. He also consults with people all over the world with speaking difficulties and their families.
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