Quick Video Tips

Quick Video Tips & Demonstrations
To Make Your Life Easier, and Your Results Faster

Video 1:
See Mark’s Amazing Technique For Helping Patients & Care Givers
Get Faster Results – At Home – using the Teaching of Talking System

This 30 minute video shows you many of the details of WHY – Mark, and Mark’s students have such amazing results in helping people learn to speak again. Patients, Care Givers and Speech Therapists love this fun and easy method.


You can learn “How to Help Your Loved One talk or Speak Again
with a brand new natural approach, that is fun and easy to learn.

Losing your ability to speak – changes the quality of our lives. This video demonstrates how
quickly and easily you can help someone get that ability back – right in their own home.

Video 2
Aphasia Speech Therapy: The Speech Model

What you will do as a Caregiver or Therapist to Help Someone Talk.
Find out how you can use your speech and voice so others others improve speaking.
Learn how many words to stimulate, how fast you should speak,
what to emphasize; what to do and not do. Welcome!

Aphasia Speech Therapy Speech Model vimeo play

Video 3
Aphasia Speech Therapy & The Immersion Method

Immersion is one of the best ways of learning to speak a language, even for those who have aphasia or little speech. Immersion involves many of the concepts that others learn to speak a new language and is also the method children learn at home to talk. Mark will explain it to you with interesting parables.

Video 4
Aphasia Speech Therapy: Success Principles

There are other on-speech factors that are necessary in order to be successful with speaking. Learn these with the person who has difficulty speaking and improved talking will very likely occur. You can benefit from Mark’s knowledge of practicing how to help people speak for over 40 years. Teaching of Talking Method.

Aphasia Speech Therapy:  Success Principles vimeo play

Video 5
Why Simplicity Works BEST – In Aphasia Speech Therapy

The key to success for the person who has a speaking difficulty is to make the learning easy,
so that confidence and feelings of self-worth are increased. In this video Mark explains why simplicity is so vital to success in treatment and why it is important for caregivers and therapists to realize and use it.

Aphasia Speech Therapy: Simplicity vimeo play

Video 6
How to Select a Speech Language Pathologist

In this video Mark will share with you secrets to selecting a speech language pathologist.
The skill and ability of the therapist will have a profound influence on the success or failure of speech therapy. Listen as Mark shares with you key points to consider when selecting a therapist.
Whatever you do, please make sure you fully participate in the selection
of the professional who is seeing your loved one.

Aphasia Speech Therapy: Selecting a Therapist vimeo play

Video 7
Aphasia Speech Therapy: Continuity of Care

Most people have little say-so in the selection and scheduling of speech and language therapy.
In this video Mark shares with you other very important concepts that contribute to speaking improvement such as the scheduling of therapy, and the therapist who will provide the service. Listen and watch as Mark explains how you can be empowered to make sure your loved one gets the best care possible.

Therapists also can greatly benefit from this video.

Aphasia Speech Therapy:  Continuity vimeo play