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The Teaching of Talking; Learn to do Expert Speech Therapy at Home for Children and Adults
Listen and watch as you meet Mark Ittleman, The speech pathologist who can make a rock talk! In this video Mark describes the Teaching of Talking book, and the principles of therapy that are revolutionary as compared to the standard ways therapy is being delivered in America today. Mark believes that the key to this method is the caregiver or loved one who will be with the person with the speaking difficulty year in and out. Since speech is first learned at home, why would it not be stimulated again at home for the person with a stroke or aphasia. This book is also for mothers of children who are not talking, and describes various ways to stimulate speech and language during everyday living activities. The book was written to teach families and loved ones how to stimulate language since therapy limits are more prevalent today. In addition there are many people with speaking difficulties who do not have insurance and are unable to seek the services of a speech language patholog… more