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Q: What can you do when:

You don’t have insurance or the insurance runs out,
and you need help teaching a child or an adult with aphasia how to talk or speak again? 

A:   Start depending on yourself and working from home.
Take control, be hopeful and learn how to stimulate speech on your own.

From the Desk of
Mark Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP

People with speaking difficulties are at the mercy of insurance companies, providers of services and Medicare.

These mega-bureaucracies end up determining how often and for how long  your speech therapy services should be delivered, NOT based on the needs of the patient, but based on the needs of the bureaucracy.

It is a disturbing reality that the likelihood for therapy frequency and length of care is contingent upon either the level of competence or comfort level of the speech-language pathologist or the financial policies of each institution. Often it has nothing to do with the severity or need for speech therapy.

Unfortunately our health care system is in no position to bankroll the long-term
therapy that many people need who have moderate to profound speaking difficulties.

The reason we designed the Teaching of Talking Video Training System is to make sure that any loved one, caregiver or speech-language pathologist can learn the methods to help people improve talking at home. You may learn it with your therapist (the preferred way) or learn it on your formal speech therapy services run out.

“I see hundreds of people with speech and language difficulties each year.
By studying and applying The Teaching of Talking Methods, you will have the confidence to help
your loved one or client, no matter what the insurance company or institution does.

By learning  the ‘Proven Steps in The Teaching of Talking System’ you will be more
independent and self-sufficient and you will NOT have to depend on anyone
to provide your loved one with expert speech and language stimulation.”

VideoTrainingPicon#1 The Teaching of Talking / Complete Video Training System
(Available 1 time a month)

You’re about to get over 40 years of day-to-day speech therapy experience refined down into bite size learning chunks … showing you exactly what you’ll need to do to help your loved one or patients learn to speak, or speak again.

This is our very best and most effective training, for Care Givers, who have never taught speech before, AND for Licensed Speech Pathologists, who are looking for dramatically faster results for their patients.

This self-paced training covers everything you’ll need to stimulate speech at home, even if you’ve never done anything like this before.

Your key is PASSION.
“The more you stimulate speech based on what your patient loves,
and already knows, the faster and more consistent your results.

That’s why spouses and / or care givers at home have a much
higher chance of long-term success (versus other methods) … because
they already know what their loved ones are PASSIONATE ABOUT!”

Based on Mark’s 40+ years of hands on experience, working daily with patients and care givers. This is the only training we’re aware of – that teaches the care giver how to stimulate speech at home, without the need of computers, flash cards, or other expensive devices.

If you can watch and video, and repeat what it shows you … you’ll have success with this system.
We unconditionally guarantee it.

The real key is consistent repetition, but not with just repeating words!

It doesn’t happen the way most people think…

In an ideal world, all we would have to do is go to the speech therapist’s office and they could “re-boot or re-set” our brains –  like re-programming a computer or resetting our smart phone.

I heard a spouse once say;
“I wish you could just open his head and pour all the words, phrases
and sentences back in, and we would be done!”

But, I’m sure if you’re reading this- you’ve found it just doesn’t work that way.

Repetition is the Mother of all skill!

  • Speaking for those who do not speak or for those with aphasia takes a great deal of repetition and learning to associate a spoken word with the appropriate word,
  • Once the association occurs you then have to pair the actual object or activity with the spoken word by hearing it, seeing it, touching it, then saying it. (Thats why the food, family, and the pictures in your home, and the events of your life are the perfect things to stimulate speech.)
  • And that event (the pairing of the actual thing with the spoken word) has to occur over and over again – until a person wakes up one day and there’s the word coming out of the mouth.

It’s like muscle memory for your brains –  once we have done something over and over
with passion and meaning – it becomes a natural and automatic part of our lives again.

  • It takes repetition; and not just a few times in the speech therapy office, which is really not the greatest place for stimulation of speech and language.  It’s just a room people come to a few times a week. It’s NOT one’s life!
  • Your persons’s home is the best place to stimulate speech and language  because that’s where life happens with the everyday things we need to talk about: what to eat, drink, wear, smell, see, listen to, etc. It’s the place that holds all the things we enjoy and have a passion about – so they are easy to use to stimulate speech over and over.

This comprehensive program is ONLY released once a month, to a limited number of participants, because Mark works very closely with every member of his learning community.

You are never alone with this system! We’re with you every step of the way.

All your questions are answered on our bi-weekly question and answer calls, and you’ll have 24 hour access to a private online community of like-minded users from around the world, where you can learn from Mark’s weekly articles, and from each other.

The system is yours for life, you’ll be able to access it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Its delivered one piece / module at a time on a weekly basis:

  • All you have to do is watch the short videos and apply what you have learned.
  • If your patient has mastered that little step – you move on, if not you keep practicing until they do.

Everything works at your pace.

If you would like to be on our notification list – PLEASE just fill in the form below.
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#2 The Teaching of Talking / Audio Book

This is the “audio version” of my original book.
You’ll be able to hear a 4 minute sample on this page.

Your copy can be downloaded by clicking this link.
(Click Here)

You will then be taken to the checkout page in Amazon’s Audio Book Club named “Audible.”

We are excited to now share the book with you in this audio format – so that you can listen to the content and method of the Teaching of Talking while you are exercising, driving in the car or listening on your smart phone.

The audio book is also useful to listen to as you are reading the soft cover edition of the Teaching of Talking.



#3 The Original Teaching of Talking Book / Autographed

Mark A. Ittleman, M.S. has been referred to as
the “Speech pahologist who changes lives FAST!”

Whether its helping children catch up with their language skills, or helping a stroke patient learn to speak again, Mark has the uncanny ability to find a way to help others speak, often after they were discharged from therapy and told they had “plateaued.”

This 200-page book is a primer for both Caregivers and Speech Pathologists – who would like to get faster results. This book is all practical. It’s written so anyone can learn how to help a loved one learn to speak again.

There is really no theory to get bogged down with. There are a lot of examples that anyone should be able to relate to. In addition, you’re encouraged to work with relevant content; beginning with words, phrases, or sentences that refer to your immediate environment.

When you click on the Buy now button (below) you’ll be taken to a payment page utilizing one the most reliable and safest payment systems in the world – Paypal.

You can either pay with your Paypal account or
You may click the box to pay with a debit or credit card.


When your transaction is completed you’ll get an electronic receipt and – we’ll be putting the autographed copy of your book in the mail, A.S.A.P. The book currently on sale costs $15.00, plus your state tax, and the shipping.



Mark Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP, is an internationally renowned speech language pathologist, who has developed a revolutionary way to help people learn to speak, or learn to speak again right in their own home.

Mark (and others) have proven that your home is the perfect place for speech therapy.
Since speech and language skills are first developed in the home, it just makes sense
to stimulate the majority of speaking there, with a family member or loved one?

Speech language pathologists can also use Ittleman’s method for a home program when the person is discharged from speech therapy. Speech language pathologists can also use Ittleman’s method for their therapy sessions within those sessions, the speech language pathologist trains the caregiver and involves them throughout the training program.

Once the patient is discharged from therapy the caregiver continues what
has been learned as a home program. In that way, the speech and language stimulation
continues at home without interruption for as long as necessary.

The tremendous advantage of this continuing home stimulation is that patients continue to move ahead with momentum and confidence, rather than forgetting things between traditional therapy sessions.

Mark has helped thousands of children and adults learn to speak, or speak again when others could not. He has the uncanny ability to find a way to help others speak, often after they were discharged from therapy and told they had “plateaued.”

Mark started practicing speech language pathology in Lakeland, Florida, and had a private practice there for 20 years. During the last 20 years he has worked in outpatient rehabilitation hospitals and home health delivering speech pathology services to children with developmental speech and language delays and adults with voice, swallowing and speech-language difficulties including dysarthria, apraxia, and aphasia.

He spent three years providing intensive 8 hour per day speech and language stimulation to 4 people with Broca’s-like aphasia that further honed his clinical skills to help those who had lost the ability to speak.

This day-to-day stimulation dramatically accelerated results for his patients, and became the driving force behind Mark’s speech training systems.

Mark has presented at numerous state speech and hearing meetings and the ASHA annual convention.

His book, entitled “The Teaching of Talking, Learn to Do Expert Speech and Language Stimulation at Home with Children and Adults” was written for the speech language pathologist and for the caregiver so that speech and language stimulation could be an “around the clock” endeavor for those who truly desire speaking improvement.

He wrote the Teaching of Talking in a plain and simple way so that just about can learn and apply it.

Expanding the book into a complete video training lets care givers and language specialist see exactly how to do the lessons in the most effective fashion.

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