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//Free Speech Therapy Materials

Free Speech Therapy Materials

Next, calibrate their bodily movements and gestures for “no.” Ask questions

Stimulating Speech in Stroke, Apraxia, Aphasia, Dysarthria

For Maximum Speaking Improvement Formulate a Team of More than One!

that you know should get a “no” response and simultaneously observe the
movement of the head, eyes, nose, and mouth. You should, after a number of “no”
questions, begin to recognize a pattern for what a “no” looks like in automatic
gestural or nonverbal communication.

Beginning clinicians often set “yes” and “no” as the early goals of speech
therapy. Most married couples will ask each other questions and know the
answers before the other verbally responds. !ey have subconsciously calibrated
their mate and can just watch the face, bodily mannerisms, and listen to the
voice tonality to pick up the answer. Expert trial lawyers can tell with relative
consistency whether a person is telling the truth by calibrating tonal, facial, and
eye movements.

!e same holds true with children and their mothers. Often, the mother can
look at her child when a question is posed and know the answer by observing
the child’s physiology, or their physical, nonverbal movements. !e ability to
subconsciously calibrate “yes” and “no” adds great value to a speech pathologist’s
clinical work repertoire. Caregivers would also be wise to pay attention to the
physiology of “yes” and “no” responses. !ese nonverbal gestures are instinctual for
the PCD, and we must learn to read them.

Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for your overwhelming love and compassion to help me grow and succeed especially as a fresh fish in the pond. I am very honored to have moved you to write more in your book. You are an amazing teacher and I thank you in advance for having the heart, passion, and determination to share your skills with the world. We are still colleagues in this field, although I am like a premi at his point, and I look forward to working with you here and in other areas in the future. Thanks again, Mark, for making me feel like a person with a possible future in this field and not just any other student. Thanks again! C

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