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Advice for Dysarthria and Aphasia: Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas and his wife: "Get off your butt and go work with you speech therapist." Stroke Aphasia Dysarthria Advice Kirk Douglas (101 years old) Stroke Aphasia Dysarthria Advice Kirk Douglas Many of us grew up watching movies with Kirk and Michael Douglas.  Screen icons. Kirk Douglas had a stroke in 1996.  That was 22 years ago!  It opened up a new window of opportunity.                                                                                           . Stroke Aphasia Dysarthria Advice Kirk Douglas He wrote about the personal experience of stroke and the rehabilitation that was required after it.  He imparts a great [...]

Helping the Person with Mild to Severe Language Impairment

If the PCD is not able to produce speech that you can understand, or if they are not able to perform the recall tasks, they may not be ready to pursue the fundamental procedures of !e Teaching of Talking method of speech therapy. You may nonetheless be considering some difficult persons for this approach. !e major point I would like to make in spite of all the information I have given you is this: As a speech-language pathologist, family member or caregiver, the you are working with are dedicated to improving their speech, and (2) [...]

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The Most Important Tool for Speech Recovery After Stroke and Aphasia

  There is not a day that goes by that I don't receive information about speech recovery after stroke.  Often it is a new app, piece of technology, diagnostic big $ machine that is supposed to do the Speech Recovery After Stroke therapy, help the therapist do the therapy, or software that is designed for the patient, and  intended to speed Speech Recovery After Stroke and Aphasia.  The thought is that all the person with aphasia has to do to improve speech is to sit down behind a computer or I Pad or [...]

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How to Help a Stroke Victim Regain Speech Using The Teaching of Talking Method

As a practitioner of speech language pathology and a father of four wonderful children, I've had the opportunity to experience first hand how to help a stroke victim regain speech. This article may dispel some myths about learning to talk, and some of the methods that are currently being used in the United States today to deal withpeople who are not talking or those who have lost that ability. Many of us have experienced first hand how to speak.  We grew up in a home where the language was spoken, and we learned quickly how [...]

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How to Stimulate Speech in Stroke Patients Using the Teaching of Talking Method

Letter from a user of the Teaching of Talking about how to stimulate speech in stroke patients. Dear Diane, I teared as I read your post about Bob, and how you are now using the techniques I wrote about in Teaching of Talking. By golly, you are getting it! And you are correct in the assumption that the beauty in the method is that you don't have to sit down and do an hour of speech therapy with him.  Also I can see that you are using the method intermittently throughout the day whenever the [...]

Speech Therapy For Stroke Patients and How You Can Help at Home

“And then I watched her perform the speech and language stimulation and it looked like I was doing it, and noticing she had a certain confidence and was doing quite well!  Then I realized it wasn’t me, it was the person I mentored.” -Ittleman 2005- on Speech Therapy For Stroke Patients. The other day I was working with a caregiver whose son had been in a motor vehicle accident. He was left with an apraxia, dysarthria, and an expressive aphasia. For the layperson or student, he had difficulty articulating accurately, even with intensive articulation stimulation. [...]

Speech Therapy Kit | Speaking Rehabilitation Home Exercises Program

Speech Therapy Kit 1. I'm looking for 30 people who want GUARANTEED results and would like to work directly with me for a full year. 2. The Revised Teaching of Talking Video Training Program is Now Available. Many people in our community have asked when they could get the new program? If you are not sure if your loved one, or your patient could use the program ... to dramatically accelerate their progress - you can get my (no cost) Speech Therapy Kit It will answer your 3 biggest questions: 1. Can my loved one [...]

Aphasia Speech Therapy Brain Strengthening You Can Learn

Aphasia Speech Therapy Brain Strengthening Video Training for Aphasia Speech Therapy Brain Strengthening Aphasia Speech Therapy Brain Strengthening that we can do to keep our brains and cognitive skills strong. The lessons that current research gives us may also apply to those with aphasia, brain injury, and neurological diseases. Keeping The Brain Strong for Cognition and Speaking One of the first Concepts to keep our Cognition, and brain performance strong is SOCIALIZATION. That means that those who regularly engage in communication with others have less liklihood for dementia and cognitive decline. Aphasia Speech [...]