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Advice for Dysarthria and Aphasia: Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas and his wife: "Get off your butt and go work with you speech therapist." Stroke Aphasia Dysarthria Advice Kirk Douglas (101 years old) Stroke Aphasia Dysarthria Advice Kirk Douglas Many of us grew up watching movies with Kirk and Michael Douglas.  Screen icons. Kirk Douglas had a stroke in 1996.  That was 22 years ago!  It opened up a new window of opportunity.                                                                                           . Stroke Aphasia Dysarthria Advice Kirk Douglas He wrote about the personal experience of stroke and the rehabilitation that was required after it.  He imparts a great [...]

Teaching of Talking is about using simple words to share your thoughts with others

Tests of stimulability are also used by the speech-language pathologist Expressive Aphasia to determine where to begin improving speech; i.e., vowel, consonant, syllable, single word, phrase, sentence level, voice, pitch, loudness, or speed in speaking. !erefore, if I find something about someone’s speech that could use improvement, I model how it should be correctly produced, and ask the PCD to repeat that model after me. If they can produce the new model with instruction, their stimulability will be good for that task. Prognosis for improvement is often a reflection of the PCD’s stimulability. [...]

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Speech and Language Developmental Milestones

Individuals with whom I have worked through the years have made significant Communicating With Someone Who Has Aphasia? improvement in the ability to speak and communicate with the assistance of loving parents, spouses, or caregivers who have learned the methods provided within the speech therapy environment and then went on to apply those same methods at home. Some of the best stimulators of language I have found are loving support personnel who do everything possible to help the person speak. Whether you are a speech-language pathologist, public health nurse, parent, 3 “Speech and [...]

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Stimulating speech and language is a way of life

Why do I not include a lot of theory? Most books about speech improvement are just that, a lot of theory with no meat, no method, no systematic technique, or structure. I went to college for years and was hard pressed to find one book that taught me how to teach someone to talk. One of my mentors, Ace Weinstein, once said that it doesn’t matter what college you go to….they all have the same textbooks. He also said that college is all theory, and life after graduation is all practice. !is book is about [...]

What happens to people who lose the ability to speak because of a stroke or brain injury?

!e ability to speak and to be understood is an ability that many of us take for Expressive Aphasia granted. We know that when we open our mouth, words will surface and be expressed. Words are essential in human relationships. We learn, interact, develop relationships, express love, and work through the use of words. What happens to the life of a child whose speech does not develop properly? What happens to people who lose the ability to speak because of a stroke or brain injury? !is book is about helping children and adults [...]

Aphasia Communication Tips for Speaking With a Person With Aphasia

The Teaching of Talking Method, Learn to do Expert Speech and Language Stimulation at Home: Aphasia Communication Tips Octavio Paz won the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature.  He was an interesting gentlemanof Latin persuasion who left his mark on the literary world.  He also left indelible images of ideas in the minds of his readers.  One of them It was like that Aphasia Communication Tips when the idea came to write my book entitled The Teaching of Talking.  This idea brewed in the recesses of my mind for a long time, and first started [...]

Aphasia Speech Therapy Ideas That Can Help Speed Your Progress

Aphasia Speech Therapy Ideas We are here in Brighton, England.  It is a wonderful city that now feels like a cross between Greenwich Village, San Francisco and New York City.  It gave me a number of aphasia speech therapy ideas. Last night as I was completing an article for publication, I heard a voice calling out at full volume:  “Repunzel, Repunzel, Let down your hair!”  I thought it weird that I should be hearing a plea such as that from the other side of the court-yard.  But then, I thought, “This is England, [...]

How to Help A Person with Aphasia Express Themselves

How to Help A Person with Aphasia Express Themselves.  Have you ever had one of the aha moments when you realized something you had already know How to Help A Person with Aphasia Express Themselves n, but just was not that consciously aware of it? I just realized that yes, The Teaching of Talking Method is about helping a loved one or client with aphasia speak better, and yes about the conversation, and yes, that it is free flowing and that it does follow a specific sequence of methods for those with aphasia [...]

Speech Language Pathologist Mark Ittleman Will Help You Speak Better

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with one of the most popular musicals there ever was on Broadway.  It was My Fair Lady.  It is the story of an ELOCUTIONIST.  This term was used in the previous Senior Speech Language Pathologist century as the name of the professional who could improve your speaking.  He knew the fine art of Elocution, which is the ability to utter speech sounds clearly and distinctly. The story is about a common street vendor , who was poor and of the working class.  The story [...]

How to Recover Speech After a Stroke Using the Teaching of Talking Method

People are using the Teaching of Talking Method to Learn How to Recover Speech After a Stroke. “Thanks for the mentoring. It occurred to me today that one of the reasons I like The Teaching of Talking Method is that I finally feel like I can do something to help my husband speak better.”  The above comment was sent to me from the wife of a gentleman who had a stroke. She has been learning The Teaching of Talking Method For Stroke which involves reading our book, listening to the audio book from audible.com, and [...]