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Using Questions to Help Speech Patients

Using Embedded Questions to Facilitate the Use of “Yes” I like things simple. I had learning problems as a child and am profoundly aware Teaching of Talking Speech Therapy Home Program Helps Like a Cool Drink of Water. of and respect the learning challenges of others. Simplification and repetition is how I always had to approach learning myself, so I use the same methods when teaching others. Later on in this text, you will read about my “tying your shoes” approach to speech therapy. Perhaps my own learning style has contributed to my [...]

Free Aphasia Speech Therapy Materials | Video For You Here is an opportunity for you to receive free aphasia speech therapy materials | video for you.  Sometimes we can get into a rut, and avoid trying something new; applies to foods, relationships, doctors, therapists and therapy techniques. Here is some advice and you will typically find that whenever you try something new, a gift occurs. Trying something new make you a more interesting person with more choices in what you do and what you can achieve. You will greatly benefit from learning anything that is new, especially The Teaching of Talking which [...]