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Aphasia Group UK Comments Teaching of Talking Method

Here is a comment from our friends in the UK about The Teaching of Talking Lecture and demonstration we gave in Brighton.  It was such fun to share information with them!  Please click on the link below. http://teachingoftalking.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/SayAphasia-news-December-2017-no-2_extract-copy.pdf

New Therapy Method for Expressive Aphasia is Discovered

!e Teaching of Talking has been my brainchild since beginning Landmark Expressive Aphasia Education four years ago. At this life-changing program, I learned something very important about the purpose of human life: it is not all about me! In fact, the opposite is true: life, when properly lived, is about making a contribution to humanity and making a difference. So I first thank my friends at Landmark Education. Some years ago, I had the opportunity to work with four patients who had profound expressive aphasia of the Broca’s-type. We were together five days [...]

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Can Apps Help Aphasia Victims as Well as More Intensive Therapy?

Can Apps Help Aphasia Victims? It is readily apparent in most social media that apps, I pads etc are the way to go when it comes to helping one talk.  If you think about a person such as a deaf, blind, and mute individual or someone with aphasia,  you will realize that the cards are stacked against them as far as having any kind of normal life.  Think about a young, spoiled brat who had no way of self-expression other than acting out.  She did not understand the concept of speech or language, until someone  [...]

Speech Therapy for Stroke Patients at Home

An article recently published on our website entitled Predicting Post Stroke Aphasia Recovery was the subject of some creative thinking this morning.  It is a well known fact among serious practitioners of sphasia speech therapy that a person's ability to imitate or repeat sounds, syllables, words, phrases or sentences is likely a prognostic indicator of speaking improvement  It was also mentioned that the amount of spontaneous recovery of speech as one goes through daily stimulation of speech therapy for stroke patients at home was another indicator. Speech Therapy for Stroke Patients at Home Helps People [...]

Speech Therapy for Adults with Aphasia Can Help Your Loved One Speak Again

Speech Therapy for Adults with Aphasia I have been blessed with a desire to practice Speech Therapy for Adults with Aphasia for over 44 years, and have worked with some amazing colleagues, clients-patients ad administrative people.  I would like to thank all of you who have been friends through the years. The SENTENCE is basic to Speech Therapy for Adults with Aphasia.  It is one of the most challenging aspects of rehabilitation/speech therapy for those who do not speak, either children or adults who have a diagnosis of head injury, aphasia, and other [...]

Speech Therapy Goals for Aphasia Can Improve Results

Setting Speech Therapy Goals for Aphasia is crucial for people with speaking difficulties. Speech Therapy Goals for Aphasia remind me of photographers of old who used to have a stuffed birdie on the end of a stick.  When a client for photography would come to the studio, the photographer would make sure everything was just so; everyone dressed appropriately, and shirts tucked in. Much the same happens when setting goals.  I had the pleasure of befriending Yvonne last evening and I have found that she speaks with much wisdom. Wisdom that every therapist [...]

Get Winning Results in Speech Therapy

How to Get Winning Results in Speech Therapy. I'm going to confess to you, so please no one pass it around, that I am NOT a football fan.  Shhh...Don't get me wrong, I love watching football, but it was never that high on my priority list, so rarely would I ever be home on a Saturday or Sunday watching football games. There always seemed to be other things that were more important.  I have written this article for patients and clients, caregivers and parents and the  new generation of speech language pathologists who are emerging [...]

Communicating With Someone Who Has Aphasia | Tips, Techniques

Communicating With Someone Who Has Aphasia? My wife Malka and I have returned to America from a 6 week assignment in London where we were consulting with families regarding their loved ones with speaking difficulties.  We went to train family members and interested friends in methods that help people improve It is our sincere belief that in many-most cases the assistance of family members is critical to the improvement of communication and the ability to speak, as long as the person with the speaking difficulty is stimuable, or able to imitate sounds, syllables, [...]

Global Aphasia Speech Therapy Treatment, with the Teaching of Talking Method

Global Aphasia Speech Therapy Treatment MY Wife Malka and I are in London to teach others The Teaching of Talking Method.  Yesterday we met with one of the gentlemen who helped make this trip possible. His brother had a stroke and had great difficulty finding a speech language pathologist who spoke Yiddish.  It is a language that is combination of German and Hebrew.  In todays culture, only the very ultra-religious speak it as their native language.  Therefore there are two challenges for me as a speech language pathologist.  Learning and utilizing this language to help others. London [...]

Confrontation Naming Aphasia Speech Therapy

Confrontation Naming Aphasia Speech Therapy? People with difficulty speaking typically do better in speaking tasks when engaged in interesting topics of conversation. In addition the person with the speaking difficulty repeats or “names” words that are often stimulated from flash cards. The words are practiced with printed words, pictures, or both. Confrontation Naming Aphasia Speech Therapy does not have a positive connotation.  Within that term is a root word: to confront.  Being confronted does not conjure up positive thoughts. Being confronted is often unexpected. In addition it's usually an uncomfortable experience. What the dictionary says about [...]