Speech Therapy for Aphasia Patients | Focus on Talking First!

//Speech Therapy for Aphasia Patients | Focus on Talking First!

Speech Therapy for Aphasia Patients | Focus on Talking First!

Is Writing/Speaking machines as good as Talking?

There are debates today about how Speech Therapy for Aphasia Patients should be addressed and

Speech Therapy for Aphasia Patients

Speech Therapy for Aphasia Patients

accomplished.  Therapists may have to deal with what is most expedient in light of dwindling speech therapy coverage for visits.

Is it ok for those with aphasia to write or use an alternative communication device to communicate what they want or need soon after a stroke with aphasia?

Some Say:  Any communication is better than no communication.

Often therapists who don’t have the skill or the time to help you with talking would suggest: “Well as long as you can write or point to the picture and have a machine say it….  that’s good!”

Speech Therapy for Aphasia Patients:  Focus on Talking First

That’s not how you communicated before; that isn’t how your life was before.  It’s not what people do in real life when they are face to face and communicating.  It’s just not natural or “normal.”

What one caregiver had to say:  

“It wasn’t until we just focused on talking, that my husband started to improve his speaking.  I never realized that focusing on just speaking would do the job, when before we had so many goals that included reading and writing, adding and subtracting also.”

“This program helped me focus on what was most important; his TALKING! 

And my husband’s progress has been so much better now since we are focusing on just talking.”     -Barbara

So what’s most important to you?  Writing, a talking machine,  or Talking?

Caregivers and People with Aphasia Want to Talk!

After a stroke most people with aphasia and their loved ones want them to speak again and that is why they bring their loved ones to us.

Daily concentration on speaking at home 24/7 is vital for the improvement of talking.  It is a natural and easy way to improve speaking if the caregiver learns how to stimulate speech.  Helping one speak during normal interaction is what we focus on, rather than alternatives that really don’t get down to the meat of talking!

To speak again one must have a singularity of purpose and that is to speak again.  

In the meantime please get your  Speak Again Success Kit at  Speech Therapy for Aphasia Patients

It answers the 3 major questions caregivers want to know, and so much more…

– How will I know if my loved one will do well with Teaching of Talking Speech Therapy for Aphasia Patients?

– How fast can we see results?

– Can I as a family member or caregiver really learn how to help my loved one talk again?



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