Another Success Story for The Teaching of Talking Method

This is my friend Diane who has been reading The Teaching of

Talking and receiving personal coaching.  Our method uses conversation as the vehicle while using revolutionary language stimulation methods.

I am overjoyed at the progress Diane and Bob are making with The Teaching of Talking method.

A Conversation With Bob

Me: Today, we go to Pain Management. The transport will be here at 12:30.Bob (looks at his watch): OKMe: Last time, Stephanie said she would ask the doctor if he would increase your medication. Or if not, if there was a different medication you could try.

Bob: Right.

Me: But I need to know, would you want to change your medication?

Bob (touches his shoulder): The problem is here. (Touches his forearm) Not here.

Me: The doctor said the Botox shots in your arm were supposed to help your shoulder. I know it isn’t working. We’ll talk about that, too.

Bob: OK

Me: But I need to know, do you want to change your medication or just stay with the one you got?

Bob: I don’t know.

Me: I don’t know either. I’d hate to switch to something less effective. Though, maybe something else would work better.

Bob: You decide.

Me: OK. I guess I’ll just see what she says. Play it by ear.

Bob: Exactly.

Me: Do you need to shave before we go?

Bob (feels his chin): Yes, shave.

Me: OK…   Do you know what?

Bob: What?

Me: We just had a conversation. A real conversation!

Bob: I know.

Me: Wow. That was nice. And I understood everything you said!

Bob: Yes, that was nice.

Me: You know what? I sure do like talking to you!

Bob: I like talking to you, too!

I know, this rather dull conversation might not seem a big deal to some people, but that was the first real conversation we have had since the stroke. By that, I mean, that Bob responded to everything I said and I could understand him perfectly. He did not hesitate nor did he fumble for words and every response was appropriate. I tell you, I am just thrilled! He’s come a long way, baby!

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