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Aphasia Speech Therapy: Art of Asking Questions

May 1, 2017


Hi Teaching of Talking Friends! (And No I have not fallen off the edge of the earth!)

It was a busy month, and we have been traveling through Nevada, Arizona, California, San Francisco, and tomorrow we leave for Sonoma; the wine country to see this beautiful country.  Malka and I have loved visiting  with Teaching of Talking Friends, and meeting with aphasia groups.  We are now headed North and will be presenting in Portland and throughout Oregon and into Washington State.  So if you would like to meet up, or have a presentation at your stroke club or University, please let us know.

Teaching of Talking Tip for Better Speaking:

This morning I was walking out of the shower room at San Francisco RV Park. In walked a gentleman who greeted me with “Good Morning.”
He told me they were “packing it up” and heading back South.
I asked where, and he told me Southern California and contributed they had been in Oregon last week, and that he absolutely loved it there! He asked where I was from. I told him Houston, and we remarked about the crowding and traffic.  I asked where in Oregon they had visited, and he told me the name of the town and how his best friend for many years lived there and they went to visit. Following that he told me that they had planned on moving there years ago, but at the last minute his wife decided no. Their children were there and she did not want to move far from them.

I got a Life Story from a Simple Question or Two

Almost a life story, just by asking one or two simple questions. The same concept applies to helping those who have speaking difficulties talk again. Ask simple questions, and converse at their level of difficulty; one word, phrases or sentences. It is about the interaction, not the mindless practicing of unrelated words or phrases that really makes the difference in attention, speaking improvement and carry over of automatic speech.  

You Can Learn To Help Others Speak Also.   Find out how you can learn to help your loved one improve talking by asking questions in the Teaching of Talking Way!. Children or adults.

Comment from a Friend:

“I love your latest post. “The art of asking questions truly captures the essence of aphasia therapy.” 
Thank you Liz! I know how you love doing aphasia therapy with The Teaching of Talking Tools you have learned.
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