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1 Your Invitation Teaching of Talking Webinar

January 31, 2017



Subj:  Your Invitation, Teaching of Talking

I would like to personally invite you to the Teaching of Talking

Fabulous and Fun “Question and Answer Webinar.”

It is for those who would like to GREATLY ACCELERATE PROGRESS

WITH SPEAKING.  for (Adults, Children and even Therapists!)

It is also for those who are possibly looking for A METHOD THAT IS NEW, FASTER and more FUN.  A way to address speaking difficulties that are the result of aphasia, trauma, or delayed speech and language.

It will be Tuesday Feb. 7th, 2017.

Click this link to register and that will take you

to a sign up page for the webinar.

Seats are limited,

PLEASE secure your seat ASAP


Cost:  There is no cost-this is a free event, to help our community.

When:  Tuesday February 7th 2017

Times:  1 pm Pacific

2 pm Central

3 pm Mountain

4 pm Eastern

This is an online event, you can watch from your computer, smart phone or even call in with your phone.  There will also be a very special surprise for those on the call.

Q:  How Long Is It?  I plan at least 90 minutes to answer your most pressing questions.

Q:  How do I get my seat?

CLICK on this link and fill in your contact information, then you will receive your information



Please secure your seat ASAP and remember you will receive a surprise by attending.

Those who attend should have a copy of the Speak Again Success Kit (no charge) that will be of great value and help you realize:

1.  Will my client or loved one do well with this method?

2.  How fast can he/she improve?

3.  Can I as a caregiver really learn how to help him/her speak again?

The success Kit is located at:


To Review:

  1. CLICK on this link to sign up for the webinar:
  3. Click on the link above and simply put in your name and e mail.  Then click on the blue link that will be inside an e mail that we will send to you.

3.  To get your Talk Again Success  Kit CLICK HERE:

You will need to sign up for the kit also esp. since there is a

  • Mini Screening Test in the kit that will help you determine if your loved one would do well with the Teaching of Talking System.
  • It also includes a case study of a person who went from no intelligible talking to speaking in 9 months.
  • It also includes a video and manuscript of a wife/caregiver who has been using The Teaching of Talking Systems for 2 years and her husband is now independently talking.
  • He was stuck doing speech sound practice and naming words for about 2 years before she started using The Teaching of Talking.
  • Now he is essentially speaking independently in phrases and sentences in social groups, sports activities, peers and family.
  • Watch and listen to what Deb has learned to do as a loving wife.  (She talks with her husband now while improving his speech at the same time, and he does not mind at all.  In fact….It’s FUN!)

Your online Webinar and Success Kit are



Mark A. Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP

Senior Speech Language Pathologist

International Best Selling Author

Teaching of Talking Book/Systems

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Aphasia Speech Therapy: Focus on Talking First!

January 29, 2017


Start stimulating speech right away for those with aphasia or children who may have difficulty talking.

Start stimulating speech right away for those with aphasia or children who may have difficulty talking.

Aphasia Speech Therapy:  FOCUS ON TALKING FIRST


Is Writing/Speaking machines as good as Talking?

There are debates today about how speech therapy should be addressed and accomplished.  Therapists may have to deal with what is most expedient in light of dwindling speech therapy coverage for visits.

Is it ok for those with aphasia to write or use an alternative communication device to communicate what they want or need soon after a stroke with aphasia?

Some Say:  Any communication is better than no communication.

Often therapists who don’t have the skill or the time to help you with talking would suggest: “Well as long as you can write or point to the picture and have a machine say it….  that’s good!

Aphasia Speech Therapy:  Focus on Talking First

That’s not how you communicated before; that isn’t how your life was before.  It’s not what people do in real life when they are face to face and communicating.  It’s just not natural or “normal.”

What one caregiver had to say:  

“It wasn’t until we just focused on talking, that my husband started to improve his speaking.  I never realized that focusing on just speaking would do the job, when before we had so many goals that included reading and writing, adding and subtracting also.”

“This program helped me focus on what was most important; his TALKING! 

And my husband’s progress has been so much better now since we are focusing on just talking.”     -Barbara

So what’s most important to you?  Writing, a talking machine,  or Talking?

Caregivers and People with Aphasia Want to Talk!

After a stroke most people with aphasia and their loved ones want them to speak again and that is why they bring their loved ones to us.

Daily concentration on speaking at home 24/7 is vital for the improvement of talking.  It is a natural and easy way to improve speaking if the caregiver learns how to stimulate speech.  Helping one speak during normal interaction is what we focus on, rather than alternatives that really don’t get down to the meat of talking!

To speak again one must have a singularity of purpose and that is to speak again.  Aphasia Speech Therapy Focus on Talking!

Upcoming Webinar

We will have our Fun Question and Answer Webinar coming up the week after next  where your questions will be answered and you will get a real surprise when you attend.

In the meantime please get you Speak Again Success Kit at

It answers the 3 major questions caregivers want to know, and so much more…

  1. How will I know if my loved one will do well with Teaching of Talking?
  2. How fast can we see results?
  3. Can I as a family member or caregiver really learn how to help my loved one talk again?

Click here to submit your questions:  WE will do our best to answer all questions.

Only those who are on the Speak Again Success Kit list and our mailing list will receive the invitation.  Please remember to click on the link, fill in your name and e mail address and then confirm that you wish this material on the confirmation e mail.



Mark A. Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP

Senior Speech Language Pathologist

International Best Selingg Author/Originator

The Teaching of Talking/Systems


The surprising simple truth behind extraordinary results is to focus on one thing until achieved.

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Aphasia Speech Therapy Tip #11

January 27, 2017



Aphasia Speech Therapy Tip #11

Aphasia Speech Therapy Tip #11


You know that we are a society that wants things NOW. We want instant dinners and gratification.

Improving the process of speaking requires a totally different mind-set.

The improvement of talking is a slow and tedious process esp. if there is an accompanying apraxia with the aphasia.

And just when you wonder if they are ever going to get better……..Guess what?

They actually start speaking better.

How can one tell if a loved one is improving in talking?

Easy. Their articulation and speaking clarity improves, and they start talking automatically and independently.

Helpful Ways of thinking:

If you want to help your loved one speak you must not think about how long it will take. You must only stay focused on stimulating speech and language.…and in most cases it improves.

You have to be in it for the long haul.

There are no quick fixes.

BUT  REMEMBER  They often get better and start speaking again! 

and it is a process that you will be doing;

helping them speak better at home for as long as it takes

Where should speech and language stimulation be done?

It must be done at home since it WILL REQUIRE weeks and months, and insurance will eventually run out. 

We also know the more that speech is stimulated the faster the results.

It is a known fact that those who speak at home and have caregivers who know what to do will get superior results.

Leaky Bucket Syndrome?

And remember the leaky bucket syndrome….We forget things rapidly due to immediate and short term memory difficulties

and words and phrases  must be repeated over and over, esp. with aphasia; DAY and NIGHT!


We are getting ready to release the information for our next class.  Many have submittedd questions for

an upcoming question and answer Webinar

where we answer your questions about aphasia and helping loved ones and clients speak better.

Is my loved one appropriate for this method?

How fast will I see results?

Can I as a loved one or caregiver really learn this stuff?

Be on the lookout in the next few days to mark your calendars .

But you must be on the list.

If you have not signed up for your free Speak Again Success Kit go here

If you have any questions, and we will answer them on the webinar please send:

You will also get an invitation to the free question and answer webinar that will be coming before you say: “Jack Sprat Could Eat No Fat!”   We will answer your questions and the 3 listed above.


Please share! Please send your questions:

Get your free Speak again success kit:

Go here:

We are getting geared up, and hope you will join us!


Senior Speech Language Pathologist

International Best Selling Author/Originator

Teaching of Talking/Systems

Helping Children and Adults Speak Bettrer

for over 40 years.

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Aphasia Speech Therapy: Persist with Yes!

January 15, 2017


“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” – Helen Keller (Author/Political Activist) Although she was blind, and deaf, Helen Keller learned to speak and read with the help of a full time friend.

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” – Helen Keller (Author/Political Activist)
(Although she was blind, and deaf, Helen Keller learned to speak and read with the help of a full time friend.)

 Have you given up too soon?

Hi Teaching of Talking Friend!

Have you ever given up too soon?  That is the topic of this e mail.  I woke up this morning thinking about a letter I received from a caregiver whose husband thinks speech therapy is a waste of time!  (He really believes that he is unable to talk since therapists had not figured out the proper way to help him.)

He has aphasia and apraxia

He has aphasia and apraxia.  Al is unable to formulate the thoughts he wishes to convey.  He also has a major problem getting his tongue, lips and teeth to move in the proper way to formulate sounds.  Since therapy with his therapists did  not help him talk, he has refused to try again, even though there is a new approach which shows promise.  A new approach that only concentrates on talking!

Will his speech get better if he decides to try another method or technique?

Chances are, yes.  But he did not have success in the past and therefore takes the past failures and projects that into the future.  That may be affecting his decision.

His caregiver asked him if he wished to try something new?

The answer was NO.

That was it.

No therapy for Al.

Was it the right decision?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  No one knows.

How many times have we made a decision about something, and then later on down the road kicked ourselves?

We are all familiar with the story in the 1800’s of a group of gold prospectors who gave up searching for a gold vein in California just about 2 feet from one of the richest gold finds in history.  They had evidence there was the possibility of a great find, attempted to find it, and then quit too soon.  It was decided not to consult with a real expert and everything was sold.  The prospectors returned to their homes in the East. They sold their claim and all their equipment.  The people who bought their stake consulted with an expert!  It was one of the biggest finds in history.

Don’t let that happen to you.  Remember those who often persist and refuse to give up often succeed.  If your loved one says NO to trying a new approach think in your mind:


My loved one will TALK! 

He will improve.  

He will talk.  

Encourage, Encourage, and Encourage!

That’s what Michelle did.  She did not take NO for an answer.  SHE decided that her needs were just as important as her husbands and

  • She believed:  My husband will talk; 
  • He will be able to talk.  
  • I am committed to helping him.  
  • Although he is not in agreement, I will show him he can and will talk!.  
  • He will realize that he has potential.  
  • I know he has potential.  
  • I as a caregiver have potential.  
  • We will learn to help Al talk again.  Period.

The story above is true.  Did Al improve his speaking?  YES.

And you know something else?

He loves working on his speech!  

Do you know why?  He and Michelle are working together as husband and wife and he realizes now that he can.  

He also realizes that his wife knows what she is doing since she has been learning the Teaching of Talking Method.

If you have not received your Teaching of Talking Success Kit you’d better do so very soon.  It won’t be available forever.

Go here for your kit.  Click on it, and fill in your contact information, confirm your request when you get an e mail, and learn the answers to the most 3 important questions:

  • Can my loved one improve talking?
  • Can he make progress?
  • Can I really learn the methods that a speech language pathologist with 44 years of experience uses with those he helps talk again?

Get your free Speak Again Success Kit!

Find out TODAY if your loved one, spouse or client can really learn to TALK AGAIN!

Here is the link:

I will have a bunch of big surprises for you very soon!  Stay tuned!

Any questions or comments?  When you sign up to get your kit, and confirm registration- I’ll even give you my e mail address to ask me questions.

Remember this page will NOT be up forever.  Get your kit now.


Mark A. Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP

Senior Speech Language Pathologist

International Best Selling Author

Teaching of Talking/Teaching of Talking Systems


Your Learning to Talk Success Kit with Videos is Ready

Your Learning to Talk Success Kit with Videos is Ready Persist with YES!

Click Here:    

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